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Population Health Technology

Network and Communication Management

A patient’s journey doesn’t end when she walks out of her doctor’s office. For patients with chronic or polychromic conditions, it can take a village – primary care doctors, specialists, care managers, long term care facilities - just to keep going.

With our network and communication management tools, you can securely communicate across care settings, monitor major health events and manage referrals. We’ll help you make care transitions as seamless as possible, delivering a better experience for your patients and more efficiencies for everyone on the care team.

We have been able to improve transitions of care and ensure needed information is delivered quickly, consistently and securely to the care providers who need it.

- Trinity Health System

Communicate Securely

Ensure better collaboration and transitions of care. Meet Meaningful Use 2 requirements using the Direct Protocol.

Manage Referrals

Send referrals directly from an EMR to a specialist. Track referral patterns to help keep patients in-network.

Receive Notifications

Monitor high-risk, high-utilization patients. Follow up to reduce 30 day readmissions.

Integrate Decision Support & Workflow

Manage transitions of care seamlessly by giving everyone on the care team access to the same information.

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