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Clinical Care Management

Social Caregiving

Our social caregiving solution turns parents into informed, confident caregivers in the NICU and back at home. A team of nurses, social workers and care managers provide a compassionate support network when parents need it most. With a trusted partner to decode medical jargon and help navigate care coordination issues, parents can get out of the NICU faster and, once they’re home, avoid unnecessary ER visits and readmissions.

Each year more than 500,000 families face the challenges of premature birth. Average medical costs through the first year for a child admitted to the NICU are $32,000.

Source: Managed Care, 2010

Helping Parents Become Part of the Care Team

Having a child in the NICU can be a scary, isolating experience. Our tablet-based app gives parents a constant source of personalized information that they can access anytime, and direct communication with an experienced coach. They can also track key data like feeding habits and weight, keep a journal of important milestones, and learn how to best support the team of NICU nurses and doctors.

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